The Saudi Olympic Arabian Committee was established. It is a supreme body with an independent legal personality, sponsored by the government, and helps it to achieve its goals and objectives. It is the only entity representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the continental and international Olympic organizations.


Recognized by the Olympic Council of and became an official member within the International Olympic Committee, after establishing five national Olympic federations of (Athletics, football, volleyball, basketball, and cycle federations).

Eleven presidents have chaired the Saudi Olympic Committee.

1964 - 1966

Dr. Saleh Bin Nasser, the story started when a delegation, led by Dr Saleh bin Nassir, later to be known as the first president of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee. Dr Saleh attended the 62nd IOC session, where the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee obtained the official membership as the sole representative of the Olympic movement in Saudi Arabia when all nessecery requirements of establishing 5 national federations:

  • Football federation
  • Basketball federation
  • Cycle federation, athletics federation
  • Volleyball federation

1966 - 1968

HE. Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Abdullah Abalkhail, The general assembly of SAOC elected His Excellency Shaikh Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Abalkhail, Labor Minister back then, to be the second president of SAOC after the presidency of Dr. Saleh to incorporate the Olympic movement within the labor lifestyle of Saudi in the late sixties.

1968 - 1972

HRH Prince Abdullah Alfaisal Bin Abdulaziz ALSAUD, During the period of Prince Abdullah, SAOC managed to prepare the first ever athletes delegation to take part in the Summer Olympic Games that took place in Munich in 1972 by participating with seven athletes from the Athletics Federation

1972 - 1974

HE. Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Abdullah Abalkhail (Second presidency), Shaikh Abdulrahman was re-elected once again as president of SAOC after the Summer Olympic Games for only one year.

1974 - 1999

HRH Prince Faisal Bin Fahad, HRH supported physical activity and established the first official national football team. Prince Faisal adopted a series of 5-year development plans, by which large sports infrastructure projects that included establishing 150 sport clubs, 13 sport mega-complexes, 21 youth hostels, leaders development institute, a sports medicine hospital and many of public sports facilities were established all over Saudi Arabia. The number of sports Federations also increased from 5 to more than 25. The number of youths practicing of sports has enormously increased.


The kingdom started to dominate the Asian sport field in football and many other sports.


Saudi Arabia participated for the first time ever in the Olympics LA.


Major sports achievements as FIFA U-17 World Football Cup, Asian Football Cup (1984-1988 -1996), Asian Football Cup for Youth (1986-1992) and Asian Football Cup U-17 (1985-1988). HRH played a significant role in the establishment of FIFA Confederations Cup, where the first three editions were held in Saudi Arabia.


Became an official IOC member. A recognizable effective contribution was led by HRH in the establishment of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.



The Saudi handicap sport federation was founded and chaired by HRH.

1999 - 2011

HRH Prince Sultan Bin Fahad Bin Abdulaziz, SAOC won the first Olympic medals ever by Hadi Souan during his presidency, a bronze Olympic Medal was achieved during his term by the rider Khlid Al Eid.

2000 – 2007

Saudi football national team was ranked 2nd twice in AFC Cup.


The Saudi sport handicap federation was changed into “Saudi people with special needs sport federation”.


Female athlete Dalma Malhas delivered a bronze medal within Show Jumping Competition in Youth Olympics Singapore

2011 - 2014

HRH. Prince Nawaf Bin Faisal Bin Fahad Bin Abdulaziz.


HRH became an official member of the IOC’s International Relations Commission, He became a very active communicator and one of the most followed leaders on online social networks such as Twitter. He was the first sports leader within the Arab region to initiate digital communications via Twitter.


In Olympic games, London. Paved the way to female athletes to compete in the Olympics for the first time ever, The third Olympic medal were delivered by the Saudi National Equestrian team during his term


The Saudi people with special needs sport federation, has officially become known as “Saudi Paralympic committee”.

2014 - 2017

HRH. Prince Abdullah Bin Musaad Bin Abdulaziz. •Despite the short period of the presidency of HRH Prince Abdullah, he pave the way for the next presidents with a comprehensive development and improving programs as:

  • Initiating Gold 2020 program to prepare the Olympic athletes.
  • Independency of National Saudi Sports Federations
  • Implementation of new strategies, plans, and workshops to enhance the improve renderings and deliverables of SOPC and overcome several financial challenges of the Saudi football federation.
  • Initiated women empowerment program by which the number of female employees increased by 15% in the ministry of Sports.


HE. Mr. Mohammed Bin Abdulmalik Al Alsheikh


Saudi Football National Team qualified to the World Football Cup during his presidency

2017 - 2019

HE Advisor. Mr. Turki Bin Abdulmohsen Al Asheikh Following the 2030 Saudi Vision, H.E Advisor Turki Al Alshaikh initiated a new strategy and focused on increasing participation by acknowledging mass sports for fun and entertainment.

  • Initiated strategies focused on increasing mass sports participation.
  • Princess Reema Bint Bander Bin Sultan Chaired Sport for All Federation as first female president of the federation and numerus activities were activated.
  • Agreement with STC and Saudi Football Federation for sponsorship and marketing with an estimate budget of 660,000,000SR.
  • Female fans are allowed to attend sports competitions.
  • Support national sports coaches.
  • The establishment of 32 new federations.
  • Hosting the Italian Super Football Cup (Milan VS Juventus), King Salman Chess Cup, and Mohammed Ali Boxing Cup.
  • Saudi Arabia was granted three IOC memberships (Prince Abdulaziz ALFAISAL in IOC Marketing Commission, Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi in IOC Puplic Affairs and Social Development Through Sport Commission, and Princess Reema Bint Bander in IOC Women Sport Commission).


Karate Athlete delivered a Gold Medal in Buenos Aires Youth Olympics during HE presidency.

2019 - Now

HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki ALFAISAL AL SAUD. The General Sports Authority Became officially the Ministry of Sports. - 170 Saudi Sport clubs received a financial support of 2.5 Billion Saudi Riyals and supported financially various sports in the Kingdom. - The establishment of Athletes Commission - Riyadh won the bid to host the Asian Games 2034 - Riyadh won the bid to host the AIMAG - Riyadh is to host the World Combat Games - Tokyo2020 Karate Athlete Tariq Hamdi delivered the 4th Saudi Olympic Medal in Olympics - Saudi Arabia reached out the number of 97 Sport federations and associations



The Saudi Olympic Committee and the Saudi Paralympic Committee were merged as a single entity and named as the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee. Moreover, Saudi sports organizations are about 97 federations, committees, and associations.


SOPC President HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki AlFaisal announced a Saudi Olympic Training Center, the strategy behind supporting all Saudi sports federations, along with the new Elite Athletes' Development program with an estimated budget of 2,600,000,000SAR within the QoL program.

1971 - Now

Seven General Secretaries of the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee.


1971 HRH Prince khalid AlFaisel

1971 - 1975

HRH Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Bin Abdulaziz

1975 - 1992

Mr. Othman Bin Mohammed Alsaad

1992 - 2000

Mr. Sulaiman Bin Abdulrahman Aljabhan

2000 - 2012

Dr. Rashed Bin Hamad Alhraiwil

2012 - 2015

Mr. Mohammed Bin Hassan Almisehel


Mr. Abdullah Bin Ibrahim Almusaileek

2015 - 2016

HRH Prince Abdulhakim Bin Musaad Bin Abdulaziz

2021 - 2022

HH Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi Bin Abdulaziz Bin Musaad

2022 - Now

Mr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Baashen

International Olympic Committee Memberships

1983 - 1999

HRH Prince Faisal bin Fahd (IOC membership)

2002 - 2014

HRH Prince Nawaf bin Faisal (IOC membership)


Currently HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud (IOC Membership)


HRH Prince Nawaf bin Faisal Al Saud (IOC Honorary Membership).

2016 - 2018

HH Prince Khalid bin Bandar Al Saud ( IOC Public Affairs and Social Development Commission).

2016 - 2018

Mr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi (IOC Marketing Commission).

2018 - Now

HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal (IOC Marketing Commission).

2018 - Now

HRH Princess Rima bint Bandar Al Saud (IOC Women and Sports Commission)

2018 - Now

HH Prince Fahd bin Jalawi (IOC Public Affairs and Social Development Commission)