Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee is an independent higher sport organization supported by the government to achieve its goals. We are the only organization that represents the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all Olympic activities and competitions as well as multiple sporting events at the regional, continental, international and Olympic levels.


  1. Participate in the Olympic & Paralympic Games as well as, the world, continental & regional games
  2. Ensure efficient and constant communication with the International Olympic Committee, international Federations, and national Olympic & Paralympic Committees
  3. Name the organizing committee of the Games in accordance with the provisions of the Olympic Charter
  4. Selection of the Kingdom's representatives for the Olympic & Paralympic Games, as well as signing of registration forms for athletes
  5. SOPC has the exclusive authority to select a city that may apply for holding the Olympic Games
  6. Supervision of the Kingdom's delegates at the Olympic &Paralympic Continental and Regional Games
  7. Allow the International Olympic Committee to be informed of SOPC activities
  8. Maintaining a cooperative and coordinated relationship with government bodies
  9. Establishment of a national Olympic museum as a national memory of the Olympics
  10. Guarantee that the Olympic Charter adheres to all of the International Olympic Committee's decisions
  11. Host the Saudi Games Ensure anti-doping and periodically prevent all prohibited substances
  12. Organize training courses to prepare and develop administrators, coaches, and athletes
  13. Promote the Olympic values and Olympic & Paralympic movement
  14. Establish an Olympic Academy that adopts the Olympic education
  15. Take action to prohibit any use of the Olympic & Paralympic property
  16. In a manner that conflicts with the Olympic Charter
  17. Develop & maintain the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic movement
  18. Organize activities adhering peace and dealing with environmental issues
  19. Development and implementation of sports cultural programs in sport pedagogy curricula
  20. Reward outstanding athletes


A sport community that takes into account Olympic and Paralympic values and Team Saudi stands at the top of the podiums.


Building a sustainable Saudi sports system that puts champions at the center of its attention, to produce sports excellence, achieves international competitiveness and motivates society to practice sports.

H.R.H. Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki bin Faisal Al-Saud


  • H.R.H. Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki bin Faisal Al-Saud is the Minister of Sports in Saudi Arabia who is leading efforts towards developing a vibrant sporting economy, creating opportunities for the entire country to play and helping Saudi’s athletes on their journey from amateur to elite.
  • HRH is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Sports Authority, the dream is becoming a reality as he works on transforming the Saudi sports landscape on a fast-track basis.
  • HRH was named a Red Bull athlete for his championship record and has taken his dedication to excellence in sports onto the public sector playing field. He is leading his team’s charge towards developing a vibrant sporting economy, creating opportunities for the entire country to play and helping Saudi’s athletes on their journey from amateur to elite.
  • His team’s mission includes finding creative sports programs to involve more people from across society, to develop youth capabilities, to increase the number of sports trainers and instructors, to empower and manage Saudi sports federations and increase their professionalism and achieve higher participation and representation in international sport.
  • H.R.H. Prince Abdulaziz the President of the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee.
  • Vice-President of the Olympic Council of Asia for Riyadh Asian Games 2034.
  • President of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation
  • President of the Arab Union of National Olympic Committees
  • The Chairman of the Arab Football Federation.
  • A member of the Marketing Commission at the International Olympic Committee.

H.H. Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed

Vice President

  • Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi Bin Abdulaziz Bin Musaed served as Legal Adviser in the Ministry of Sport (formerly the General Presidency for Youth Welfare), Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee 2007.
  • In 2012, HH was assigned to serve as the Ministry's International Relations Advisor.
  • In 2014, HH joined the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee. In addition, he served as an advisor to the President of SOPC and appointed Director of International Relations Department.
  • Appointed as advisor to the President of the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees in 2016.
  • The International Olympic Committee named HH member of the International Relations Commission of IOC in 2017.
  • He was appointed President of the Saudi Camel Federation in 2018. Also in the same year, he joined the Public Affairs and Social Development Commission of the IOC.
  • HH has appointed Vice-President of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee. HH is also serving as Acting President of the Saudi Sport Federation of Triathlon, and President of the West Asian Federation of Triathlon.
  • In 2021, HH was named President of the Saudi Olympic Academy, member of the Board member of the Saudi Falcons Club, member of the Olympic Council of Asia, appointed Secretary-General and Vice-President of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee.
  • He played a significant role within the Saudi sport sector and managed to serve in further positions as Director of the Asian Games "Riyadh2034" and Director of the First Saudi Games.



HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki Alfaisal

Chairman Of The Board

HH Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi Bin Abdulaziz

Vice President Of The Board

HH Prince Abdullah Bin Fahad Bin Abdullah

President Of The Saudi Equestrian Federation

HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar Bin Sultan

Board Member In The IOC

HRH Prince Khalid Bin Alwaleed Bin Talal

President Of Sport For All Federation

HRH Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Faisal

President Of The Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation

HRH Prince Sultan Bin Fahad Bin Salman

President Of Saudi Water Sports & Diving Federation

Mr. Yasser Bin Othman Al-Rumayyan

President Of The Saudi Golf Federation

Mr. Yasser Bin Hassan Al-Misehal

President Of The Saudi Football Federation

Ms. Adwa Bint Abdulrahman Al-Arifi

Sport Minister’s Assistant for Sport Affairs

Mr. Ahmed Shaher Tabbaa

President of the Saudi Snow Sports Federation

Mr. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Sabban

President Of The Saudi Fencing Federation

Dr. Habib Bin Ali Al-Rabaan

President Of The Saudi Athletic Federation

Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Almuqairn

Member Of The Board Of Directors of Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee

Mr. Shaddad Bin Talea Al-Amri

President Of The Saudi Taekwondo Federation

Dr. Ghassan Bin Youssef Tashkandi

President Of The Saudi Basketball Federation

Eng. Ahmed Bin Safwan Al-Kudmani

President Of The Saudi Swimming Federation

Mr. Ibrahim Bin Salman Al-Muaqel

President Of The Saudi Athletes' Commission



Saudi Sambo Committee

Saudi Weightlifting Federation

Saudi Padel Committee

Saudi Jiu-Jitsu Federation

Sports Medicine Federation

Saudi Wushu Committee

Saudi Dodgeball Federation

Saudi Hot Air Ballooning Federation

Saudi Hockey Federation

Saudi Taekwondo Federation

Saudi Squash Federation

Saudi Boxing Federation

Saudi Extreme Sports Federation

Saudi Kyokushin Committee

Saudi Archery Federation

Saudi Triathlon Federation

Saudi Wireless & Remote Control Sports Federation & Robot

Saudi Modern Penthalon Federation

Saudi Pigeon Racing Committee

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Saudi Anti Doping Committee

Saudi Bowling Federation

Saudi Cricket Federation

Saudi Muay Thai Federation

Saudi Billiard and Snooker Federation

Saudi Sailing Federation

Saudi Motor Sports Federation

Saudi Baseball and Softball Federation

Saudi Polo Sport Federation

Saudi Kurash Committee

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Saudi Mixed Martial Arts Federation

Saudi Athletics Federation

Saudi Cycling Federation

Saudi Yoga Committee

Saudi Life Saving Federation

Saudi Deaf Sports Federation

Saudi Volleyball Federation

Saudi Karate Federation

Saudi Wrestling Federation

Saudi Chess Federation

Saudi Media Federation

Saudi Rowing Federation

Saudi Swimming Federation

Saudi Special Olympics Federation

Saudi Badminton Federation

Saudi Gymnastic Federation

Saudi Handball Federation

Saudi Equestrian Federation

Saudi Camel Racing Federation

Saudi Basketball Federation

Saudi Table Tennis Federation

Saudi Sea Sports and Diving Federation

Saudi Fencing Federation

Saudi Lacrosse Federation

Saudi Climbing and Hiking Federation

Saudi Golf Federation

Saudi Paragliding Federation

Saudi Olympics Athletes Association

Saudi Bodybuilding Federation

Saudi Canoe and Kayak Federation

Saudi Sport Culture Federation

Saudi Master's Sports Committee

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Saudi Coaches Association

No website

Saudi Judo Federation

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Saudi Shooting Federation

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Saudi Tennis Federation

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Saudi Rugby Federation

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Saudi Football Federation

Saudi Gymnastics Federation

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Saudi Surfing Federation

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Saudi Ice Sports Federation

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Saudi Snow Sports Federation

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Saudi Paralympic Swimming Federation

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Saudi Paralympic Athletics Federation

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Saudi Federation for Visual Impairment

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Saudi Federation of Seating and Chair Games

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Saudi Traditional Sports Committee

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Saudi Federation of Boccia

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E-Sports Federations

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Saudi Table Soccer Committee

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Saudi Federation for American Football

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Saudi Frisbee Committee

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Saudi Paintball Committee

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Saudi Desert Sports Federation

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Saudi Netball Committee

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Saudi Aikido Committee

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Saudi Intellectual Sports Federations ( soon )

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Saudi Petanque Committee

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Saudi Cyber Security & Programming Federation

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Saudi Kickboxing Federation ( soon )

No website

Saudi Dance Sport Committee

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Saudi Water Skiing Committee

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Teak Ball Committee

No website

Saudi Sepak Takraw Committee

No website

Saudi Fans Association

No website

Saudi Strength Sports Committee

No website

Sports For All Federations

No website

Sport Arbitration Center

Saudi Referees Association

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Saudi Olympic Academy

The role of the Saudi Olympic Academy was activated in 2021 by a decision of the Governing Council of the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee at the meeting of the General Assembly on 23 March 2021 The Academy is concerned with the dissemination of education, Values and Olympic culture.

HH prince Fahad bin Jalawi Bin Abdulaziz Chairman of the Board of Directors

Olympic Training Center

SOPC President HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki AlFaisal announced on November 17th, 2021, the strategy behind supporting all Saudi sports federations, along with the new Elite Athletes’ Development program with an estimated budget of 2,600,000,000SAR within the QoL program It aims to improve the sports sector, establish a supportive infrastructure for all sports federations, and raise the sports sector’s contribution to the kingdom’s GDP by 0.8%. Moreover, increase the community’s sports participation to 40% by 2030. In order to ensure that federations are fully supported, federations should attain their sports game development benchmarks, increase the number of participants, competing in the international & regional championships, encourage sports tourism, promote the Saudi traditions and legacy, contribute to the national economy and create several investment opportunities.