The Saudi Olympic Academy Organize The Olympic Studies For The First Time Ever In KSA

  • October 16, 2022

The Saudi Olympic Academy launched the Olympic Studies diploma that is introduced in cooperation with the Saudi Olympic Academy. The diploma program included the participation of 100 students from the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee and including its initiatives. The diploma sessions are held at Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Olympic Complex for eight weeks. The diploma is presented by a selection of international lecturers from the International Olympic Academy.

The IOA strives to serve the objectives of developing young Saudi cadres of the Saudi Sport field. It also aims through this program at the Practical applications needed to develop the Olympic movement members’ professional levels to keep abreast of scientific developments.

The Olympic Studies diploma program discusses the history and the philosophy of sport in the ancient era beside the modern Olympic Games ideas as well. It also addresses the concerns of the society, sport management, integrity of sport organizations, the strategic & operational planning of mega sport events, as well as the illustration of concepts that are closely related to media of sport organizations, Olympic education, the Olympic values, sport polices, legal frameworks, international relations, and the Olympic movement.