The SAOC President Visits The Ioc And Meets With Thomas Bach

  • October 28, 2021

President of the SAOC, Prince Abbdulaziz bin Turki Alfaisal held a meeting with the ICO president dr.Thomas Bach in Lausanne,Swizerland the seat of the IOC. The meeting was held in the presence of HH, the vice president of the SAOC and the general secretary prince Fahad bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz and a member board of the SAOC and IOC, HRH princess Reema bint Bander bin Sultan Al Saud. In addition to board members of the SAOC, mr.Yasser Almisehal and ms.adwa AlArifi.


The meeting discussed intensifying cooperation between the SAOC and the IOC in the field of sport events hosted in Saudi Arabia recently. In addition to reinforcing relations between each other with the aim of developing sport and the Olympic movement in KSA beside several joint subjects and programs.


Mr. Bach has praised the distinct move taken by the Saudi sport movement in terms of increasing the number of international sport events hosting, the most recent being the world weightlifting championship and the super globe handball championship in Jeddah, whishing the continuity of these moves in the foreseeable future. Mr. Bach also has praised the great participation of Saudi Arabia in terms of the number of Olympic games in Tokyo Olympics 2020.


By the same token, the entourage of HH the president has held several meetings with the working committees in the IOC and has looked into the Olympic process.