The Olympic Solidarity Conference In Riyadh

  • November 30, 2021

The Saudi Olympic arranged the Olympic Solidarity conference represented by the international department and the Saudi Olympic Academy. The conference was held in the presence of HH Vice President of the SAOC Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi. In addition to the presence of the assistant director of the International Olympic Solidarity Committee, Mr. Oliver Niamchi. The conference took place on Tuesday and held at the conference hall in Fahad Bin Faisal Olympic complex, Riyadh.

Prince Fahad stated that the international Olympic Solidarity programme provides several opportunities and programs that contributes in the development of the sport system. HH also emphasized that the program includes the main sport elements such as, athletes, coaches, admin staff, the promotion of the Olympic values and knowledge and expertise sharing. As well as the participation allowance in the Olympic Games. Prince Fahad stressed that sport federations specially the Saudi Olympic federations and the athletes committee are entitled to get the financial support of the Olympic Solidarity Program.

The Olympic Solidarity Program aims to support the Olympic Committees in preparing athletes and the participated teams in the Olympics. In addition to the development of the athletes’ performance.

The director of the Olympic solidarity in the SAOC Mr. Yasser Al-Zahrani introduced the provided support and its sections. As the provided support to male and female athletes in individual sports incorporated on the program. As well as the team sports, youth athletes whom are expected to participate in the Olympic Games. As well as the provision of a successful career for athletes after retirement and officially recognized coaches from their national federations who aim to develop the training program, physical and psychological preparation, and the training loads. In addition to supporting the development of the administrative staff in sport as organizing, governance, strategic management, human resources, financial department, marketing, and finally events organization.