The Gulf Executive Office Postpones The Third GCC Games Until May

  • December 26, 2021

at the meeting, chaired by Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi

The 2nd meeting of the executive office of the GCC Olympic Committees board of directors was held in Manamah, Bahrain. HH Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi Vice President and General-secretary of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee and attended by members of the executive office. It was agreed in the meeting to postpone the third GCC Games – Kuwait and scheduled to be held on 11th – 21st of May 2022 due to the GCC committees’ responsibility toward sons and daughters of the GCC countries because of the spread of Covid-19 Variant Omicron.

The executive office discussed several topics listed in the meeting’s agenda including the implementation of the Gulf Sport dispute resolution body workings which is approved by the board of directors of the GCC Olympic Committees. Holding the GCC games was discussed as well beside youth and junior sport Games, Beach Games, Indoor and Martial Arts Games, in addition to organizing Gulf clubs tournaments of leagues champions in various sports. The executive office stressed also the importance of holding at least one single Olympic Games annually includes the participation of males and females, in addition to the participation of Paralympic athletes in the GCC Games and the youth and junior Games.

In accordance with the international and continental regulations, the meeting included a recommendation of completing the work of the organizing commissions for each Games in the same year for the purpose of the development of the joint Gulf interaction. The meeting as well recommended the adoption of forming four committees: 1. Women’s Sport Committee, 2. Sport Committee, 3. Athletes Committee, 4. Paralympic Committee. These committees are directly associated with the Executive Office, and they set up the programs for the organization of sports Games with the maximum number of team and individual sports.