SOPC Announces The Results Of The Operational Evaluation Of The Federations Support Strategy

  • August 23, 2022

The Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee (SOPC) announces the results of the operational evaluation of the Federations’ Support Strategy for the period from May to August 2022 after its launch last November with a budget estimated at 2,600,000,000SR as one of the initiatives of the Quality of Life Program aimed at making a developmental shift in the Saudi sports federations. The initial evaluation phase included 54 sports federations, providing initial financial support to all federations to accelerate the strategy’s objectives.

The evaluation included measuring the union’s strategy and objectives, organisation and governance in terms of structure, board of directors, training and development, administrative staff and activating activities in the regions, or the executive aspect that included a promotion, communication, financial management, information technology, sponsorship and partnerships.

In the context of the announcement, the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee confirmed that the first phase of the evaluation ensured the achievement of several goals that contributed to the development of the institutional work of the sports federations by imposing minimum basic requirements in the operational capabilities standard, with different quality in implementation between federations, to ensure the sustainability of institutional work in Sports federations, so that each sports federation has an approved organisational structure and a clear and approved strategic plan on which to build in future assessments. All federations have set performance indicators and clear objectives related to this strategy and appointed a full-time board of directors and executive director with an approved training and development plan for all federations employees.