Riyadh Hosts The Olympic Council Of Asia Regional Forum

  • November 29, 2022

The Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee (SOPC) will host, for the first time in its history, the Olympic Council of Asia’s Regional Forum, with the participation of 45 Asian Olympic committees and several International Olympic Committees (IOC) leaders, from December 4-7 in the capital Riyadh.

The forum will include various activities and workshops, in addition to preparatory meetings on the 4th-5th for the presidents of the Asian delegations to the countries of West and South Asia. While the following two days include discussing the preparations of the Asian countries participating in the Summer Olympic Games (Paris 2024) and presenting all developments and visuals related to the Olympic Games.

The meetings focus on the developments of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, from September 23rd to October 8th, 2023, and the World Games for Martial Arts in Riyadh from October 22nd to November 2nd. The Sixth Asian Games for Indoor and Martial Arts in Thailand in November 2023, the 7th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (Riyadh 2025), the Asian Games (Nagoya 2026), the Asian Winter Games (TROJENA 2029), the Asian Games (Doha 2030), and the Asian Games (Riyadh 2034).

Additionally, the discussion includes topics such as; management and financial governance, financial evaluation and auditing, financial policy, Olympic values ​​programs, and the methods of the National Olympic Committees in communicating knowledge and information to members of society and exchanging experiences among them.

On the sidelines of the meetings, guests are invited for dinner on December 5th and a (Fun Run) race for guests and presidents of the Asian delegations to promote the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games.