HRH Princess Rima Bint Bandar Arrived In Tokyo

  • July 19, 2021

HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan, member of the Olympic Committee and member of the Saudi delegation participating in the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo, arrived in the Japanese capital to attend the Olympics and participate in the meetings of the International Olympic Committee held during the period 20-22 of this month.

Meanwhile, the Saudi U-23 Olympic football team concluded its daily training in the reserve stadium of Yokohama Stadium in preparation for its first competition in the Summer Olympics (Tokyo 2020) against Côte d’Ivoire in the fourth group, which includes Brazil, who won the gold in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Games. , and the German national team runner-up.

All players attended the training session, which included tactical manoeuvres and light fitness exercises due to the fasting of all players on the day of Arafa.

On the other hand, the Saudi team players listened to the instructions related to the technical aspect during the lecture that FIFA officials delivered to them at the mission headquarters in the Yokohama Tokyo Hotel. These lectures included the laws of play, the integrity of competitions in terms of betting, and the use of stimulants, in addition to some instructions related to the atmosphere of competition in the presence of all players and coaching staff.

The FIFA officials also met with the administrative staff, headed by the director of the national team, Nayef Al-Qadi, and the medical and administrative staff. They were briefed on instructions before and during the matches, the dates of the competitions, the requirements for the injured players, the times for presenting the match squad, and the eligibility of the players.

And from land to (Sea Forest Waterway), where the Saudi rowing team player, Hussein Ali Reda, performed his daily training in preparation for the launch of his participation in the tournament next Friday.