HH Fahd bin Jalawi visits the sports village of the 2024 Paris Olympics

  • March 1, 2023

HH Vice President of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee (SOPC), Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed, visited the Athletes’ Village in the French capital, Paris, which is preparing to host the 33rd Summer Olympics next year.

During the visit HH was accompanied by the Secretary-General of the SOPC, Mr Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Baeshen. The Saudi delegation was briefed on the equipment and accommodation for the delegations, whose construction is expected to be completed in March 2024.

The village includes medical centres to serve the participating delegations 24 hours a day, can accommodate more than 14,000 male and female athletes and administrative and technical delegations during the Olympics period, and will provide more than 60,000 meals per day. It is fully equipped to serve more than 9,000 Paralympic athletes who will be present at the Paris Paralympic Games immediately after the end of the Olympics.

The Athletes’ Village will be allocated to the French, starting in the year 2025, as it is characterized by the availability of 70 football fields, more than 2,800 housing units, a hotel, two new schools, six green spaces, areas designated for pedestrians and bicycles, and 120,000 square meters for offices and commercial buildings. It extends over 3000 square meters and attracts six thousand of male and female employees.

This visit helps in learning from the French experience in hosting the participating delegations, especially since the Kingdom is about to host many major tournaments, most notably the World Games for Martial Arts (Riyadh 2023), the Seventh Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (Riyadh 2025), and the Asian Games. Winter (Trojena 2029), and the Asian Games (Riyadh 2034).