Fahad Bin Jalawi Reviews Riyadh’s Preparations For Hosting The Asian Games In 2034

  • November 20, 2021

Prince Fahd bin Jalawi, the SAOC VP, head of the Saudi Delegation in the meetings of the 40th General Assembly of the OCA, reviewed the updates of Riyadh’s hosting of the 22nd Asian Games (Riyadh2034) during his attendance at the 76th meeting of the Executive Office of the OCA, Chaired by Mr. Randhir Singh in Dubai, UAE.


Furthermore, HH, Prince Fahd bin Jalawi, headed the delegation of the Kingdom in the work of the 40th General Assembly of the OCA, on behalf of the President of the SAOC, VP of the OCA, and Executive board member, HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki AlFaisal.


The Assembly contained the discussion of the reports of the Winter Olympics (Beijing 2022), the nineteenth Asian Games (Guangzhou 2022) and future Asian Olympics and games, as well as the report of the Organizing Committee of the 22nd Asian Games (Riyadh 2034) and the hosting file of the 2025 Asian Games.


The official Saudi delegation included, Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud, Ms. Adwa AlArifi as board members of the SAOC, and director of marketing and corporate communications Mr. Abdulaziz AlBaqous.


On another front, Prince Fahd Bin Jalawi met with the Saudi snowboarding team athlete Salman AlHowaish, the participating athlete in the (Beijing 2022) Winter Olympics qualifying. The meeting was held during HH’s attendance at the 76th Asian Olympic Executive Office meeting in Dubai.