AlFaisal Participates In “CatWalk” In Jeddah

  • November 6, 2021

Yesterday on Saturday, Minister of sports and head of the SAOC prince Abdulaziz bin Turki has participated in “catwalk” event on the waterfront sidewalk in Jeddah. The event was held for the purpose of encouraging individuals to promote a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness about the Importance of Conserving the endangered 7 wildcats.


The Olympic committee as well held the “catwalk” event at the Olympic complex in Riyadh. HH vice president of the SAOC prince Fahad bin Jalawi has participated in this event. Prince Fahad’s participation was out of having faith in sport’s awareness-raising role in several social and environmental issues.


Moreover, the following board members of the SAOC took part in the event as well, including prince Abdullah bin Fahad, mr. Yasser Almisehal, ms. Adwa Alarifi, and the CEO mr. Abdulaziz Alenezi beside many male and female players and the Olympic staff.