Al Faisal Launch The “Saudi Sports Federations” Support Strategy

  • November 17, 2021

With an estimated budget of 2,600,000,000SAR

President of the SAOC prince Abdulaziz bin Turki AlFaisal approved today, Wednesday, the strategy of supporting Saudi sports federations besides the new elite athletes’ development program with an estimated budget of 2,600,000,000SAR within the “Life Quality” program.

On this occasion, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal extended his sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to king Salman and the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the unconditional support they provide to the sports sector, emphasizing that this great support contributed in placing Saudi sports at the global stages.

HRH affirmed in a press release: “Saudi sports have witnessed a remarkable development at the international level, thanks to the unlimited support the Saudi sports get from King Salman and the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Most recent achievement, hosting the Asian Games in Riyadh in 2034 for the first time in the kingdom’s history. In addition to the increase of the Saudi sports federations from 32 in 2015 into 91 federations, nowadays. And today, we are going through a new stage by developing a comprehensive strategy for the development of sports federations at various games, and also the creation of a new generation of athletes capable of competing in various competitions aiming to honor the name of the Kingdom in major regional and international platforms. ”

HH The Vice-President of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee expressed his pride and gratitude for launching this strategy. HH also affirmed in a press release: “at this historical moment, we are pleased at the launch of the Saudi sports federations support strategy, and that was due to the great support and attention given to the sports sector by our great leadership. I also would extend my thanks to my dear friend HRH, minister of sport and president of the SAOC Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki AlFaisal for his follow-up and great attention he gives to sport and various games.

HH added that the main purpose of the strategy is to provide a suitable environment for federations in order to achieve their goals in respect of the administrative and technical development and supporting federations to achieve their national and international goals, especially that Saudi Arabia is about to participate in several Tournaments in the period ahead.

the strategy aims to improve the sports sector and establish a supportive infrastructure for sports federations and raise sport’s contribution to the kingdom’s GDP by 0.8%. moreover, increase the community’s practice of sport percentage to 40% by 2030.

In order to ensure that federations will be fully supported, federations should attain their sport game development benchmarks, increase the number of practitioners, compete in the international and regional championships, encourage sports tourism, promote the Saudi traditions and legacy, contribute in the national economy, and finally create several investment opportunities.


Prince Abdulaziz, affirmed that the provided funding is divided into two parts, the first part is the basic funding, which is the financial support of the federations’ basic activities including operational coasts, training camps, and salaries. The second type of funding is the incentive one, which is packages of additional funding to reward federations for their development and achievements based on three requirements. The first requirement is the operational capabilities, which is the federations’ strategy, objectives, organization, and governance. The second requirement is the technical capabilities in terms of how intense the competence in the championships is, the extent to which human skills have evolved technically and administratively. In addition to the number of championships the federation will participate in. the third requirement is recording national and international achievements, e.g. break records or win medals.

The strategy provides several incentives to federations once their athletes have achieved the medals, as follows:

Olympic and Paralympic Games:

  1. SAR 1,000,000 for the “gold medal”
  2. SAR 500,000 for the “the silver medal”
  3. SAR 250,000 for the “bronze medal”
  4. SAR 100,000 for “rounds qualification”

International championships:

  1. SAR 500,000 for the “gold medal”
  2. SAR 250,000 for the “silver medal”
  3. SAR 125,000 for the “bronze medal”



Youth Olympics:

  1. SAR 200,000 for the “gold medal”
  2. SAR 100,000 for the “silver medal”
  3. SAR 50,000 for the “bronze medal”
  4. SAR 25,000 FOR ““rounds qualification” 

Asian Olympics, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, Asian beach games:

  1. SAR 240,000 for the “gold medal”
  2. SAR 120,000 for the “silver medal”
  3. SAR 60,000 for the “bronze medal”

Asian youth games:

  1. SAR 50,000 for the “gold medal”
  2. SAR 40,000 for the “silver medal”
  3. SAR 30,000 for the “bronze medal”

Islamic Solidarity Games:

  1. SAR 180,000 for the “gold medal”
  2. SAR 90,000 for the “silver medal”
  3. SAR 45,000 for the “bronze medal”


The federation as well gets SAR 50,000 for breaking national records, and SAR 300,000 if the goal of raising the community’s practice of sport is achieved.

Besides the strategy of supporting 91 Saudi sports federations, HRH declared the launch of the new elite athletes’ development program. The program aims to reinforce athletes’ competency and ensure their long-term preparation. In addition to promote a healthy lifestyle and record remarkable achievements in several international games, and also create a suitable environment for the high performance in accordance with the most prominent international standards and theories.

The idea of this program is to establish a sports center under the supervision of the SAOC in cooperation with a number of sports federation. This process will include the employment of coaches and performance enhancement experts, renovation of facilities, which would result in Making an efficient and immediate impact on Saudi sports.

the program will contain three key stages. These stages include, establishing Saudi Olympic training center as an independent body managed by the SAOC, improving results and performance and qualify for advanced rounds at the Olympic and the Asian games.

Elite and promising athletes will be selected after evaluating their performances since 2018 until nowadays.  HRH indicated that the program will target the number of 180 male and female athletes in the first year and 480 athletes by 2023.