Al-Faisal Arrives In Tokyo To Head The Kingdom’s Mission

  • July 20, 2021

HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, arrived this evening in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, to head the Kingdom’s delegation to participate in the Thirty-Second Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020), which will officially open next Friday.

At the forefront of his reception, upon his arrival, was the Vice-President of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee (SOPC) and Deputy Head of the Saudi Mission in the session, Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed.

The two members of the official Saudi mission, Mr Yasser Al-Mishal and Ms Adwaa Al-Arifi, and the Secretary-General of the Saudi Football Association, Eng. Ibrahim Al-Qasim, also arrived with HH today.

HH stressed the importance of the presence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this global sporting event as the most prominent athletes in the world meet. Adding, the SOPC, in coordination with the federations of football, athletics, shooting, rowing, judo, table tennis, judo, karate and swimming, prepared the participants according to a training program—dedicated to the Olympic Games, hoping that the desired results will be achieved from this participation.

HH pointed out that Saudi participation in this session is evidence that Saudi sports are moving steadily forward in light of the unlimited support that the sports sector enjoys from our wise leadership following the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

On the other hand, the 138th session of the International Olympic Committee was held in the presence of a member of the International Olympic Committee, an official member of the Kingdom’s delegation participating in the Olympics, Her Royal Highness Princess Rima bint Bandar bin Sultan, and chaired by the President of the International Olympic Committee, Dr Thomas Bach, in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, and the presence of the Japanese Prime Minister, Mr Yoshida Suga).

Bach expressed thanks and appreciation to Japan for providing all facilities to the delegations participating in the session.

The meeting discussed the annual financial and administrative report of the International Olympic Committee, the support programs provided to the national committees, and the impact of the “Covid 19” pandemic on the world and sports in particular.

On the other hand, the Saudi mission and delegations of committees of Islamic countries performed the blessed Eid al-Adha prayer in the sports village, with the participation of several officials and players.

In football, the U-23 Green Olympics continued its daily training in the presence of the President of the Saudi Football Association, Yasser Al-Mishal, which included tactical and technical aspects in terms of building attacks from the middle of the field, and playing in narrow spaces.

In table tennis, the player, Ali Al-Khadrawi, conducted his daily training under the supervision of Coach Youssef Rabie.

In weightlifting, the national team players Mahmoud Al Hamid and Siraj Al Salim continued their preparations for the tournament under coach Abdul Majeed Bu Lahia and Jaafar Al Baqer.