A Decision To Establish 5 Paralympic Federations And Separate Winter Sports Federation Into A Number Of Federations

  • March 13, 2022

The president of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee (SOPC) HRH. Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki AlFaisal issued this Sunday a number of decisions that aim at organizing various sports within sport federations. As the organization shall be reflected on the development of national and international competitions.

Separate the Saudi Winter Sport federations to be two entities as follows:

  • Saudi Ice-Sports Federation
  • Saudi Snow-Sports Federation

Establish five (5) Independent Paralympic Federations:

  • Saudi Paralympic Swimming Federation
  • Saudi Paralympic Athletics Federation
  • Saudi Visual disabilities Sports Federation
  • Saudi Wheelchair & Sitting Sports Federation
  • Saudi Sports Boccia Federation

Approve the inclusion of Paralympic sport, including competitions and national teams, under the umbrella of 14 existing federations:

  • Saudi Football Federation
  • Saudi Equestrian Federation
  • Saudi Archery Federation
  • Saudi Table-tennis Federation
  • Saudi Shooting Federation
  • Saudi Rowing Federation
  • Saudi Canoe & Kayak Federation
  • Saudi Taekwondo Federation
  • Saudi Triathlon Federation
  • Saudi Weightlifting Federation
  • Saudi Ice-Sports Federation
  • Saudi Snow-Sports Federation
  • Saudi Badminton Federation
  • Saudi Cycle Federation


Reportedly, the 25th general assembly of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee approved merging the Saudi Olympic Committee and the Saudi Paralympic Committee to be a single entity named as the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee (SOPC) as this is reflected in today’s resolutions by which the total number of sports federations, committees and associations in the Kingdom becomes 97.