SOPCS And Success Achieved Through The Implementation Of Quality Of Life Program Initiatives As Part Of The Kingdom’s Vision 2030

  • January 23, 2023

SOPC announces the results of the technical evaluation of the strategy to support the federations

The Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee (SOPC) announced the results of the technical evaluation of the strategy to support and develop sports federations from Sep. 2021 to Sep.2022. The strategy was launched in Nov. 2021 with a budget estimated at two billion and 600 million Saudi Riyals as one of the initiatives of the Quality of Life Program aimed at delivering a developmental shift in Saudi sports federations.

The evaluation phase included 54 sports federations where SOPC provided financial support to accelerate the process of implementing the objectives of the strategy.

Meanwhile, the evaluation focused on measuring progress rates in the governance standard in terms of regulations and procedures to achieve the highest standards of outstanding technical performance, the standard of sports performance and excellence, the sports participation standard in terms of enhancing community participation in sporting events and competitions, the standard of participation in the national economy and the promotion of cultural and heritage contribution, and the criterion of contributing to raising sports tourism opportunities in the kingdom.

In the context of the announcement, the SOPC confirmed that several goals that contributed to the development of the technical work of sports federations had been achieved by imposing minimum basic requirements in the technical capabilities standard. In addition, each federation sets technical performance indicators to comply with them in its technical work daily, with a difference in the quality of implementation between federations, either because of the activity of the federation, its popularity, or the number of its practitioners.

The strategy work team held more than 50 meetings with sports federations to ensure the compatibility of the indicators set with the program so that these meetings achieved, at a rate of 100%, a clear strategy for the federation, an organisational structure, and a communication plan, in addition to conducting inspection tours in sports facilities to review the extent to which they are in line with the global standards and strategic objectives.

It’s also worth noting the number of players registered in the 54 federations and committees reached more than 35,000 players, including 678 female players, and 172 emerging elite players, including 74 emerging elite players, at a rate of 43%, and more than 41,000 community groups, at a rate of 22%.

While the number of tournaments and competitions organised during the third quarter of 2022 reached 170 local competitions and 26 international competitions.

At the level of referees, the number of national referees reached 2,015 male referees and 395 female referees, while the number of Saudi coaches reached 3,227 coaches and 295 female coaches.