Fayik Abdi Will Be Officially Competing At The Winter Olympics

  • January 19, 2022

The Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee announces the nomination of Fayik Abdi to represent Saudi Arabia at the Winter Olympic Games which is to be held in Beijing from 4-20 of the next February.

A statement was released by the technical Commission of the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee that: “according to the technical standards and regulations of the Winter Olympics which states that Saudi Arabia is entitled to compete at the Winter Olympics with only one athlete in the Alpine Skiing. In corporation with the Saudi Winter Sports Federation, a technical nomination mechanism was made between Fayik Abdi and Salman Al Howaish to decide which one of them is competing at the Winter Olympics. It was so decided that Fayik Abdi will be officially competing at the competitions of the Alpine Skiing in “Giant slalom” after scoring the highest rating.”

It is also noteworthy that both athletes have scored the qualification points as an unprecedented historical achievement. Therefore, as an appreciation of the historical achievement, both athletes will equally receive the financial reward for qualifying to the Winter Olympics.