A prominent Year For SOPC

29 | Dec

الملك سلمان وسمو ولي العهد

Since early 2022, the Saudi sport movement alongside the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee witnessed a prominent growth embodied in hosting significant global sport events and marking sport accomplishments that contribute in the achievement of the Saudi Vision 2030. This success is owed to the support of the custodian of the two holy mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz and HRH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud alongside the constant support of HRH President of SOPC Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki ALFAISAL AL SAUD.

SOPC efforts to combat Climate Change

السعودية الخضراء

SOPC has officially joined the UN Framework Sport For Climate Action as HH Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi AL SAUD signed the Framework’s letter of commitment on behalf of HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki ALFAISAL AL SAUD at Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) Forum in which took place in Sahrm Alsheikh, Egypt on 12th November.

A new era begins for the Saudi Sport through Beijing2022

فائق عابدي - الأولمبياد الشتوي

The story began when the International Olympic Committee announced the qualification of three Saudi Athletes, Fayek Abdi, Salman Alhowaish, and Rakan Redha, to compete officially at the Winter Olympic Games Beijing2022. However, the regulation of Beijing stipulated that only a single athlete is allowed to compete from each category. Accordingly, Fayek Abdi was nominated to participate at Beijing2022 Winter Olympics after the technical comparison was carried out between Abdi and his teammates. Abdi has met the expectations at the Winter Olympics by ranking 45th out of 89 competitors within the competitions of the Alpine Skiing. This participation is illustrating that a promising future is before Fayek Abdi and the Saudi Winter Sports as the Saudi winter sport Federation was established only two years prior to the Winter Olympic Games 2022.

Team Saudi brought home 137 medal

137 ميدالية في دورات عام 2022

Within sport mega events, Team Saudi brought home several medals. 46 medals were achieved in the west Asian Paralympic Games in Bahrain (10 gold – 17 Silver – 19 bronze). Team Saudi achieved 67 medals within the competitions of the 3rd GCC Games held in Kuwait (16 gold – 22 silver – 29 bronze). During the competitions of the Islamic Games that took place in Konya, Turkey, Team Saudi brought home (2 gold – 12 silver – 10 bronze). The remarkable achievements of Team Saudi have indeed developed the Saudi participation at the International sport forums.

The kingdom makes history by combining ice and desert together.. Riyadh promotes for Beijing2022

المملكة تجمع الجليد بالصحراء


Thanks to the support of the Saudi Leadership, the kingdom won the bid to host the Asian Winter Games TROJENA2029 within the context of the OCA general assembly that took place in Cambodia, declaring Saudi Arabia as the first west Asian country to host a major winter sport event.

The general assembly of the OCA included as well signing the Host city contract of the OCA regional office in Riyadh, the approval the Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games’ logo and identity.

On earlt December, the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee hosted the OCA regional forum with the participation of 45 national Olympic Committees in a four-day forum. It also included organizing the (FUNRUN) to promote the Asian Games Hangzhou2023

الرياض تروج لآسياد بكين

Riyadh as well embraced the Taekwondo Grand Prix Finals which 208 male and female athletes took part in its competitions representing 79 country which is in line with the sport objectives of 2030 vision to host the major global sport events.

Reinforcing the Saudi presence and representation at the International Sport organizations

تمثيل سعودي واسع في الأولمبية الدولية

The international Olympic Committee announced the extension of Saudi membership at the International Olympic Committee including the membership of Prince Abdulaziz ALFAISAL in IOC marketing commission, Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi in in the IOC public affairs social development, the extension of Prince Reema Bint Bander Bin Sultan in IOC (gender equity, diversity, and inclusion) commission. Princess Reema was granted a new membership in the IOC Sustainability and Legacy Commission. The membership of princess Reema in the IOC coordination commission of Brisbin2032 Olympics was renewed as well.

Saudi Sport is witnessing a new era

عهد جديد للرياضة السعودية

Saudi Arabia launched the first version of the Saudi Games in November, which took place in Riyadh. The games embraced more than 6 thousand Saudi ambitious athletes to compete in 45 sports where the total of prizes was more than 200 million Riyals.

On behalf of HRH Prince Abdulaziz, Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi announced holding the 2nd Saudi Games in 2023, which was part of achieving the objective of increasing sport mass participation and exploring new promising talents for Saudi sport.

An effective contribution of national federations for both females and males..

الاتحادات الرياضية..ومساهمة فاعلة

Since the earliest of January until now, Team Saudi brought home more 231 medals in regional, continental, and international Games and competitions (62 gold – 72 silver – 97 bronze).

As for handball, a history has been made when youth and junior Saudi Handball team have qualified in parallel to the World Handball Championships and brought 2 bronze medals in both youth and junior categories.

Within the competitions of women sport, Dina Abu Taleb has written history for Saudi women sport by bringing the silver medal in Taekwondo World championships held in Mexico last November within the competitions of 49KG.

Dania Aziz and Mashael Alobeidan have reinforced as well women sport accomplishments by achieving the Silver medal of World Rally-Raid Championships.


Baeshen is declared CEO and General secretary of the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee..

باعشن رئيساً تنفيذياً جديداً

On this December, HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki ALFAISAL announced the appointment of Abdulaziz Baeshen to serve as CEO and general secretary of the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

Baeshen got his bachelor degree from Shefelled University in the United Kingdom and his master degree in business administration from INSEAD University. Baeshen served as assistant to the minister of sport in sport affairs from 2021-2021. He also worked as a director of events department in MOS. Mr. Abdulaziz as well served in many positions including, president of Saudi Sailing Federation, in 2018-2021, board member of Saudi E-sports Federation, board member school sport Federation since 2020, and CEO of Saudi Sport Company in 2021-2022