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Rawdhan hero of Ramadan arrows and secondly Slimani

Champions crowned senses the presence of al-Ghaith and Subai’i
Rawdhan hero of Ramadan arrows and secondly Slimani
Riyadh – Media Center Olympic Committee, Saudi Arabia
Capped a member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Arrows Abdullah senses Champions Championship Ittihad Ramadan for Arrows, which concluded its rivals on the field of arrows compound Prince Faisal bin Fahd Olympic Bhoudoramin Fund Musa al-Ghaith, the Secretary-General of the Federation Hadi Subai’i and a number of members of the Union, under the supervision of coach Saudi Clint Sai
Where he achieved first place in the golden arch rivals reel 2 * 50 m Bowler Abdulaziz Rawdhan aimed at solving Musab Slimani Secondly, while aimed Dhawi Nfaiei grabbed third place
In Olympic competition bow 2 * 70 m snatched Bowler Sami Bawardi golden first place and came Faris Al-Otaibi Second solving Bowler Mohammad Omar III.
And saw the bow Olympic competitions for beginners 2 * 30 m great rivalry between the shooters and he managed through which aimed to achieve a golden Salman Usaimi first place aimed at solving Mohammed absolute Secondly, while aimed Omar Naji achieved third place and the bronze medal
Where he led the tournament competitions arbitration international referee Abdullah Abchl and Lamy Abchl and Ahmed Majid al-Hazmi and al-Shahrani
For his part, aimed Abdulaziz Rawdhan delighted to achieve the title of Ramadan amid competition from fellow shooters who have made an outstanding level during the tournament and who strive for full readiness for the posts of Foreign Affairs and the representation of Saudi Arabia in global forums good representation

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