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Championship teams bowling starts today in Riyadh

Incubating the World Bowling Center for three days
Championship teams bowling starts today in Riyadh
Riyadh: Media Center Olympic Committee, Saudi Arabia

Kicks off Thursday evening the first championship teams for bowling and organized by the Saudi Association of Bowling competitors will be held at the World Bowling Center in Riyadh and lasts for three days.
The first three championship teams local tournaments organized by the Union as established in earlier tournaments, Jeddah and Al Khobar, which recorded a significant and remarkable presence in Saudi players.
9 teams competing for the title first
  Technical Committee identified nine teams participating in the competition, where each team manager selects 6 players are divided on the two teams, so that the total number for all teams 18 teams competing for the championship prizes in kind and financial
                            World Center Ready for Championship
Finished the World Bowling Center is ready to host the first championship teams for bowling.
The supervisor of the International Center for Bowling rare judge that preparations began early for the tournament where they were meeting and coordination with the Committee and the Technical Committee of the teams in the Saudi Bowling to overcome all the obstacles in front of them and make the center in full readiness for the hosting.
  Media reacts
  Are competitions and tournaments bowling cover and interaction media continuously from a large number of different media to convey the events and competitions tournaments and was the sports channel has completed its preparations for the transfer of the events and the facts of the tournament during the live broadcast of the competitors where ridiculed the sports channel’s third different games all crews to keep up with the coverage of the tournament through the field coverage The work of a number of meetings with officials and players of bowling.
A new system for the championship
For his part, member of the Saudi Bowling and Chairman of the Technical Committee and competitions Saeed Al-Shahrani that the tournament organizes and plays in a new way for the first time where they will be the division of the contenders for the number 9 teams and adopt a director for each team that will determine the 6 players are divided to two groups and in the light of their findings will each player on the points taxonomic certified in subsequent tournaments Saudi Bowling Federation.
  He indicated that the Technical Committee Shahrani and competitions ended earlier in all the preparations for the organization of the tournament.

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