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Sebagian perihal itu pasti aja jadi suatu balasan berdasarkan apa yang memanglah jadi perkara dalam game gambling taruhan online. Dengan perihal itu diharapkan esok terus menjadi banyak yang agen sbobet terpercaya terpikat serta berkeinginan dalam game ini. Apalagi dapat aja ikut dalam perihal pemodalan dalam bumi gambling taruhan online. Tetapi perihal ini pasti aja memakai banyak pihak buat bus menolong serta berasosiasi ke dalam game.

Asal usul bulu tangkis bumi awal kali dimainkan dengan memakai raket ini sudah bertumbuh dekat 2 dupa tahun yang kemudian, persisnya di agen bola. Tadinya dikenal kalau game ini mulanya dimainkan oleh orang Tionghoa yang dikenal Jianzi. Tetapi kelainannya, pada dikala itu belum memakai raket bagaikan perlengkapan pemukul bola. Era medio di Inggris, bulu tangkis ini dimainkan oleh kanak- kanak yang setelah itu diketahui dengan gelar shuttlecock ataupun battledores. Pada dikala membawakannya, kanak- kanak memakai gayung ataupun campang.

Pada 500, orang telah memahami metode membuat serat dari tumbuhan papyrus yang berkembang di dekat bengawan Nil. Serat papyrus bisa dipakai bagaikan kertas. Kertas yang dibuat dari serat tumbuhan bandar togel terpercaya jadi alat buat menulis ataupun alat buat mengantarkan data yang lebih kokoh serta fleksibel dibanding dengan lempengan tanah alot yang tadinya pula dipakai bagaikan alat data.


9 resolutions and recommendation topple Bmdhar generation, justice and Safa for the first and second

Turn off several players and coach for a year and resolve of the Competitions Committee of the Federation of the game
9 resolutions and recommendation topple Bmdhar generation, justice and Safa for the first and second
Stopping rule for a year and write off the player justice to prove inaction
Wait tables at issue until we know the fate of the appeal or complaint to the head of the public
Cell Phones: We have taken the most difficult decisions in order to preserve the reputation and prestige of the sport
Safa harmful and tend to escalate the International Olympic Committee
Holiday inn: a brave decision .. immune system: step waiting
Marar: Zlmona decision and we will resort to all the official channels to rehabilitate
Riyadh: Media Center of the Olympic Committee of Saudi Arabia
Issued yesterday Ittihad handball by its decisions, most notably landing four teams harmful and Safa generation and justice to the lower grades.
  And brought this decision to close the case file manipulation that occurred in the last round in the UEFA Prince Faisal bin Fahad Cup excellent last season came decisions after the board meeting following the events and left the decisions are brought to the General Presidency for Youth Welfare to take their consent as required by regulations, and after waiting for two months nearly bit President General of youth Welfare, the new Prince Abdullah bin assistant in the decision and supported the Saudi Federation on its decisions, stressing that the EU legal personality has the right to take decisions according to regulations and deems the protection of the game and in order to develop and preserve the prestige and the prestige of its competitors hence the decisions, especially the Council of Adarah Union, one of the adopted decisions is perceived importance of the event, and being on the line in such a big issue and let the clubs the right to appeal to anyone they want where they will be after a week from now bring out the Schedule to the Premier League and the first after the adoption of the Board of Directors, noted that the opportunity is available to all teams participating in the championship trophy and thus participate in the elite championship trophy if Mahakq where the new regulation allows the champion trophy to participate in the elite event.
The Saudi Federation of Handball full responsibility for the decisions taken and that from the perspective of the higher interest away from the emotion or club without taking into account the last.
Details decisions
Decides to take the following decisions by the Board of Directors of the Saudi handball on the issue of manipulation in the last round of the league unanimously on the date of Sunday, 12/07/1435 AH corresponding to 05/11/2014 AD, namely:
First: Falling four teams, (harmful – Safa – Justice) to the first class and (Generation) to the second division as bearish for the first degree before this match.
Second, write off a team player Justice Abdullah Al-Hafiz records of the Union.
Third: Stop Justice Mohammed Archon coach for one year.
Fourth: Stop administrative Khaled Howail Generation Club for one year.
Fifth: Turn off three players from the club justice for one year are: Guest Sayyed Hassan Cagaf and Aljmiei Kazim Hassan and Mohammed Hassan Alomeish.
Sixth: The attention of the administrative justice Abdullah Beladi.
Seventh solution to the Federation’s Competitions Committee Saudi handball and remodel new members.
Eighth: Stop referee Mohammed Angels for a year.
Ninth: Championship adopt the establishment of elite clubs, with the participation of only three, namely: Al Ahli and the light and the Gulf (held on 07/16/1435 H corresponding to 15/05/2014 AD)
X.: Recommendation strikingly heads of four clubs harmful and Safa, justice and generation by the General President of Youth Welfare.
And dating events case about two months ago when he won the Mdharaly justice big score of (93/12), where the lifting of this win tally to 31 points made ​​him in fourth place on goal difference from team Safa who could is the other win by 99 goal of the outcome (113/14) and that on the bottom of the overall standings League team generation.
  Consequently, an uncertainty since the first half between the harmful and damaging the interests of justice for the outcome of 6-for-15, scoring 78 second-half bad for a goal, after knowing the outcome of the overwhelming Safa generation, which ended the first half and the progress of Safa’s lead to 60 against the target of 9.
The decision to write off the player Hafiz Abdullah justice “because of inaction is clear during the game, according to Matkhv during the investigation with the parties concerned.” For administrative generation was stopped because he did not attend because he has a mandate from his job and has to address the currency and turned out to be seconded in the same area of ​​the game, which was attended in the previous game at the same time seconded a presumption of evidence, and for the rule of Mustafa angels came to stop him for leaking the report of the game for a number of parties which breach of honesty in the currency,
And about the fall and climb under these decisions Vtm delay a decision on that until we know the fate of the appeal could be filed by some clubs to President General of Youth Welfare Prince Abdullah Bin assistant during the week.
Maintain reputation
For his part, President of the Saudi Handball Turkish cell they were late in the lack of their search for the cause in the first week of the manipulation of the results came because of a desire not to impact on the cup final achieved by the club harmful and then met with the Board of Directors and we have taken decisions and we celebrated the General Presidency for Youth Welfare and discussed the decision with legal and experts as well as us and also been investigated with some of the parties not to get into evidence because the issue is clear, but in order to take advantage of this lesson in the future and to publicly come out Bshi tells us for the future, adding a cell that results that have occurred in the two games case is international precedent did not occur previously, said cell and throughout our Union over the past years have not talked us favoritism toward one of the clubs, and about the lack of observer said cell as long as there are two provisions of the stadium and the judgments of the table and a delegate to the Youth Welfare Office these pillars of the game and have ceased and there is no need for the presence of the observer and the majority of the games in all countries are held in this way, said cell they can not be them that stopping the game for incompetence or competence only if a shortage of players, said cell to the competition committee in the Saudi handball did not confirm the beginning of the two games at the same time, although they asked for it, but that one of the two games were delayed because of a game plane was wait until the end of them, and also erred Chairman of the competitions Committee not to reply to the communication with the beginning of the game to take his mind about and therefore Takataboa me after a long time of the first half to start the second half, in conjunction, to Connell matches even if started in two different days can not occur when these results because it can not be done to reach a difference of 43 goals required even if played two games in the timing of different because it is not reasonable to achieve any of the two teams with teams in the same class this difference, said cell that they in decisions they sensed responsibility, leaving emotions aside and all four teams enabled them over the head and eye and replaced by the heart, like the rest of the clubs, but we are on the board, we stayed on the line for the reputation of the Union and prestige to this board or previous administrations as well as maintain a code of honor Olympic and fair competition in our sport, especially it’s a matter scratch the reputation of the Union in the case taken poor decisions put him in the category of pro or weak and will remain a stain on the Union over a lifetime.
For his part spoke Chairman of the Referees Committee in the Kuwaiti Handball Mohammed holiday inn by saying that decisions of this magnitude and penalties so powerful a clear message from the men of the Saudi Handball be headed by President of the Turkish cell that the future of handball Arabia is in good hands and that there is no space for compliments Fethiye large the President and members of the Board of Directors on this brave decisions that saved the reputation of the sport in Saudi Arabia, where we await these decisions during the last period,
For his part, Chairman of the Competitions Committee of the Union of Tunisian handball satisfaction immune system that the decisions have been waiting for and the level of responsibility and the size of the event even if it came late and is proof of the strength and character of the Saudi Federation for handball and proof that they are in the union game has year term year good punishment defeatists in all other games .
Zlmona decision
For his part, General Supervisor of the game Handball Club harmful Ali Al Marar “We were injustice to clear by the Council of the Saudi Federation where they did not rely on evidence and clear enough that they had interrogated me personally even though I was not a party to the case and you are suspended from the game, so why was investigated if me, “he said repeatedly push in the referees report, which was leaked in advance through the Alwatsab does not condemn harmful Shi is there any conclusive evidence that this result is not included large systems of the game and whether there is a provision prevents the registration of more than 100 goals”
And also where the Competitions Committee of Thread Is it conceivable that the two task does not move through the TV and put importance to them while we are met with in Duarte climb all EU members were present.
He repeatedly said, there is a point very important for what was to stop the match for 52 minutes at half-time by the President of the Turkish cell where the players justice distorted and left the hall and everyone knows how quickly the players harmful and strength of offensive Therefore scored in the second half than the first half, and this is not the fault of Club harmful to show this level of justice in the second half.
He concluded by saying the Marar will resort to official channels in accordance with the regulations and Alatntma that protect our club.
Olympian escalation
On the other hand worked the sources clubs harmful and Safa have formed a committee and escalate the issue to the International Olympic Committee and then to the Court of Sports and feet was handed the case to the attorney Gulf known to plead it, and already clubs processing full case file before the facility several documents and regulations of the Union, and prove that the decision is incorrect , and officials declined to clubs and harmful Safa comment on the case of the media and the views they would hold an emergency meeting today.

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